We love games

Making them and playing them

All our lives we have played games. Computer games. Board games. Although our first title was not released until 2016, it was certainly not the first game we made. However making a game and actually taking it to a finished product are two very different things. And seeing all the players play Carpet Bombing makes it all worthwhile!

The future is set with Carpet Bombing 2, but after that it's all open field. Maybe a strategy game is next up. Whatever it will be, it will sure be engaging, easy to use and player friendly. Because that is what we value!


In all our game design work, and throughout the entire process, we put these three keywords first.


The game must be engaging and fun, otherwise what is the point? The fun comes from minor victories and the feeling of improvement through upgrades and better gear. The engagement comes from the challenge, the risk of dying and the great feeling of finishing a difficult task.

Easy to use, hard to master

We have all experienced it. A game that looks fun and strategic, but when you try it.. it is simply too much. Too many rules to learn, to many buttons to press. A game must be easy to pick up, but as you get used to it you realize all the depth behind it and things get really interesting,

Player friendly

We say Players first, money second. We will never risk the game experience by cluttering the game with ads. Also, all pay to win. loot boxes and such examples are elements we simply will not tolerate.