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Playing instructions

Thank you for downloading Carpet Bombing 2 - Arctic Strike V1.29c

Get the best out of CB2. Watch quick video tutorials below. Enjoy.

Play Game

!! Joystick Lock - Joystick Lock !!

The joystick is lock before take off only in the first level of the Campaign and simulation mode. Push the throttle all the way up and let go. Your plane will take off and the joystick will unlock right after take off.

No Take off - Lots of fuel

Choose to fly with our with out the throttle.

Realistic landing

critical hits turned on

less enemies - lots of fuel

no critical hits

Realistic landing

critical hits turned on

Endless Mode : Choose your aircraft, engage the enemy and hallenge yourself to see how far you can make it.

Base Defense : The enemy is heading your way. Defend The control tower as long as possible. You can refuel and repair simply by landing.

Daily Mission : New - Rescue civilians trapped in the city and earn free bonus stars daily.

New landing tutorial

Extended flight tutorial

Video Tutorials

Take off, landings, refuel and repairs

How to upgrade your plane

Main Window

AC-130 Take off, howitzer gun use

Helicopter tutorial

Adding weapons before flight

Choose aircraft or buy new ones

Restore aircraft purchase

Note: To restore aircraft purchased, you need to be using the same Google account used to make the purchase.

Aircraft acquired with stars will not restore!

- Play game

- Next Screen

- Continue to next level

Game settings


Adjust sound / vibration

Reset pilot / Reset Game

Sign in to Google Play

Save progress to cloud

Credit / Privacy policy

Interactive buttons

Back button

Access previous menu

Reload Button

Use this button to restart evel

When the XP bar fills up, choose 

a Free pilot upgrade to improve plane speed, maneuverability and weapons systems performance.


Upgrades cycles from Speed increase, turn radius, decrease bomb reload time, increase machine gun rate of fire, repair from kills and more. View Video Tutorial


-Next Flight - Arm your plane with  extra fire power or shield before take off

-Upgrade Planes weapons / shield  or magnet

-Buy Daily Special -

-Watch ad get 50 free stars

-Look at more specials if you need    more stars.

Note: Use stars purchased or collected while you fight to arm and upgrade your plane as needed.

Special Pilot upgrades.

Becomes available after level 40.

Once activated you will have access to some more weapons and tool to help you conquer the battlefield.


See and compare your score with others.

Note: Must be logged in to Google play to see this icon, to store and access High scores

Icon shows after each missions.

Note: You can enjoy Carpet Bombing 2 on more than one device at a time and continue where you left off. Example: Mobile on the road and Tablet in the home. As long as both devices uses the same Google account and you make sure you Log in Google play. Your progress will be saved. To Synch progress, start other device, Log in Google Play. Both devices should now have the same progress.

Pause button

Fuel / Shield display meter

Wrench available for repairs.

Parachutes available

Damage may cause a "Critical Hit' resulting in: 

-Bomb malfunction - May lock up

-Machine gun malfunction - May Lock up

-Control malfunction - Steering affected

-Engine malfunction - Speed reduced
-Fuel leak - Keep an eye on your fuel

Repair at base. In flight if you find a wrench or with 'Kill Repair" upgrade activated.

Use the Joystick to control

your plane or helicopter movements in the air and also on the runway to turn left and right.

Note: Joystick sensitivity depends on how slow or fast you steer.

To take off, bring throttle all the way up and let it go. Your plane will take off automatically. View Video Tutorial

To land, lower your speed before the runway and land. Bring throttle down to stop. Use joystick to turn right or left.

Use the rudder to turn helicopters

.3 positions.

Right - Middle - Left

Bring throttle up to the red section and let go for a quick burst of afterburner.

Hold the Throttle in the red section for constant afterburner. Consumes fuel!

Refuel your plane at any time by landing at the base or by shooting the fuel barrels found in the canal levels. Repair your plane at the base once unless you add an extra wrench from the Next Flight menu.

View Video Tutorial

To use parachute. If you run out of fuel or get shot down, the eject icon will appear above the joystick. you must press it. Than you must press the parachute icon to open the parachute. Control the pilot with the joystick and avoid getting killed. Successful landing gets you a second chance. Extra Chute available in the Next Flight menu.

View Video Tutorial

Note: The AC-130  is equipped with the deadly side mounted Howitzer cannon. To use, you must target NPC's by touching it and pressing the fire button. Keep the targeting icon moving on surfaces by keeping your finger to the right as you fly.

View Video tutorial

Note: Helicopters auto target NPC's but you may manually target by touching NPC's. If NPC's are below the gun icons, touching the screen above the gun icons will target them. View video tutorial

Machine gun, Bombs, Special weapons and Flares buttons.

Little green and black circles represents how many times you can shoot.

Collect more rounds during game play.

Not all planes comes equipped with special weapons..

More fire power can be added before take off in Next Flight menu.

*NPC: Non Player Character

Hud icons

We hope you enjoy playing CB2.

If you have any questions please see our lists of FAQ (frequently asked questions).

If you have feedback, we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us on our site here, or by sending us a private message on our Facebook page.

Thank you for downloading and enjoy.