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FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)


Q) Why is the joystick locked?
A) The joystick is locked on purpose only on the first level of “FLY NOW” Simulation , Campaign Easy and normal.

It is locked just to show that you do not need it to take off. Only accelerate the throttle on the right to full and let it go and the plane will take off by itself.
When the plane is in the air, you can use the joystick. This is done only on the first level only.

Q) I switched phones and want to restore the planes that I bought, is it possible?
A) Make sure you login to Google Play (if you are on Android) or Game Center (if you are on IOS).

Your purchases and game progress will be saved in the cloud and automatically restored when you start your new game.
Make sure you are using the same account.
There is also a button "Restore Purchases" in the aircraft selection.
That is using the functionality provided by Apple and Google to verify receipts of purchased planes, that was paid with real money.

In case you were not logged in to aforementioned services, you can still
receive your bought planes and do not have to buy them again.

However, since planes bought for stars are not sold via Google or Apple, they are not able to restore those purchases.

Therefore we recommend everyone to log in.

Q) I bought the AC-130 but I cannot take off and it crashes at the end of the runway.
A) Push the throttle all the way up and let it go, the AC-130 before speed upgrade uses the entire runway to take off.

It will take off right before the end of the runway as long as you pushed the throttle all the way up.

Q) I purchase a new plane but I do not see it when I start a mission.

A)You must select the new plane you bought by clicking on the icon. An orange box will appear when it is selected.


Q) I bought a new plane and I did not get it.
A) If you bought a new plane and for some reason it is still showing a purchase option. Something happened during the transaction with Google pay. Please verify that you receive an email receipt from Google. If you did not receive one, the transaction did not go through. Please try again. If you do have a receipt and you clicked on the plane and it is asking you to make another purchase, please send us an email with the receipt GPA# and we will refund you the purchase so you can try again. Note: Once in a while things happen with internet transaction that are beyond our control but we will always make sure you get your purchase.

Q) I am unable to purchase some planes.

A) Please check to see if there is an update for Google Play Games.


Q) I purchased stars but do not see them.

A) Because of internet connections sometimes things happens. Please send your Google Play receipt containing the order number GPA-XXXX.. to us. If you have not got a receipt, the transaction did not go through and you have not been charged.


Q) The game lags from time to time or it lags a lot.
A) Make sure your device is not running too many apps in the background.
Try to disable apps you have installed and run the game.
If the game runs good, try to enable your apps one by one until you find the one that causes the game to lag.

Q) I cannot land. I crash when I land.
A) If you like to land, Campaign easy and Fly Now Arcade mode is set for you to land very easily as long as you do not slam the plane into the ground.

In Campaign Normal and Fly Now Simulation, try to fly parallel to the ground and instead of using the joystick to pitch down, lower the throttle gently to lose altitude and nail the landing.
If you need more help look in the Game manual link found in the Setting menu for video tutorial on landing or contact us and we’ll show you how.

The following conditions must be met for a successful landing
1) The plane must touch the runway
2) The speed must be lowered
3) The gears must be down (which they are automatically if the speed
is low enough and you are close to the runway)
4) The nose must be pointing horizontal or slightly up

5) View video tutorial

Q) The Campaign was short, will there be more content?
A) Yes, the Campaign is 2 parts. Part 2 will come out in a future release.

Q) I cannot access the rest of the map, why is that?
A) When part 2 of the Campaign comes out, it will open the rest of the map.

Q) The plane uses a lot of fuel, has critical hits and I don’t like that I have to take off all the time. What do you suggest?
A) Play Combat Arcade. Has no take off, lots of fuel and critical hits turned off. Campaign Easy also has no take off, lots of fuel and no critical hits.

Q) Can I compare my scores with others?
A) Yes, Please ensure that you log in to Google Play (green joystick button on main page). After a mission press the leaderboard button to see your scores and other players scores. You must be connected to the internet for the button to show up.

Q) How can I get more information on the game buttons, menus etc. ?
A) Click on the Setting icon and click on the Game Manual icon for more information and video tutorials.


Q) I have suggestions and feedback that I would like to share. What is the best way to share?
A) You can share your comments, feedback as you leave a review of the game. If you do not have enough space you can send us an email as well.

Q) I have more questions that are not answered here, can you help?

A) Definitely, please send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.